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BULLA De bullir.   F. Yelling or noise made by one or more people. F. Concurrence of many people. Source: Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy Bulla was born from a group of friends who love Spanish gastronomy who had always longed to have a little piece of Spain in Mexico City. In 2020 they decide to build Bulla, a concept created by chef Pedro Martín which is a place that bets on traditional Spanish cuisine with touches of modernity and avant-garde, a place of flavors and textures from all over Spain, a kitchen with a Spanish soul but with the best national and international ingredients, which are imported directly. As one of the Spaniards in this group of friends says: “A place that reminds us of the cuisine of our childhood, that of our grandmother, that of the bars and restaurants of all our lives, those that do not fail.” Dishes from North to South and from East to West, with beer, tapas, carajillos, potato omelette, croquettes, meatballs, paella, sangria, oxtail, suckling pig, vermouth, all that and much more … A place where everyone is welcome. You are all invited to travel with us on this adventure … See you in BULLA!  


Pedro Martín

Pedro Martin, originally from the Canary Islands, Spain; has been determined to explore the most remote regions of Mexico like few cooks, his adoptive home for 12 years.

His stay in Mexico has allowed him to know from the beginning, the great diversity of ingredients and cultures, which he has been reflecting in his recipes, in which complex, subtle and harmonic nuances coexist.

His culinary skill stands out with terrines, sauces, sausages, pickles and mastery of the grill.

The countryside, hunting and fishing are one of Pedro Martin’s great passions.

“Cooking as life itself is a hectic journey where we never stop learning, expressing and knowing the world through its people, customs and ingredients. Travel, taste, and be happy.

Welcome to Bulla, our most Spanish stopover on this beautiful journey. “

Pedri martín

Pedro Martín

The team

The inside

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